Chris Abbott

About me.

Hi I’m Chris;
IT Infrastructure Consultant for small business/
Enterprise IT Engineer without a cape because I’m NOT a Web Designer (As you can see).

I’m passionate about IT infrastructure, security best practices, documentation and learning. I have created a home lab that has its own room, and everything that a medium size business should have including the documentation and diagrams.

I am looking to find a leading role in IT Infrastructure that truly challenges me, in an organization that values employee progression and retention and remains technically vigilant or receptive to IT security best practices.

In my free time I have consulted with small businesses from time to time and undertook projects for the fun of it, to keep skills sharp and to support small businesses with IT needs they would otherwise may be lost too. Some of these projects where hefty too, such as setting up an office for a new business with servers, domain, file server, backup and computers or a commercial supply greenhouse with wireless across the whole site.

Outside of computing I have a family of 4 and a new house which brings new DIY skills to be learned, and plenty of things to teach share with the kids. Together we enjoy the outdoors and traveling.

I enjoy socializing and demonstrating my exceptional talent of horrifying people with my lack of hand eye co-ordination in sports. Such as Bowling, Horse Shoes (where people get hurt), bean bags and golf. I also enjoy country music, the occasional cocktail, oh and coffee.